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Antoni Benavente Barbero
Lleida, 1964

Bio: Born in 1964 in Lleida (Spain) Antoni Benavente began his artistic career in the nineteen-eighties. Benavente studied Visual Art and Graphic Design in the Municipal School of Fine Arts of Lleida. His work has been selected in diverse national and international photographic exhibitions and festivals. His artistic work forms part of both public and private collections. He currently works and lives in Lleida and is represented by PetitGaleria.

Statement: Currently, nature is the common sphere of my recent personal photographic work, in which I explore and interpret its limitless formal and narrative possibilities.
More than stories, I think my photographs are simple visual metaphors, autonomous, in the interest of poetically describing simple things and everyday moments.
I believe the aesthetic resource of black and white brings me closer to the soul of things. Frequently, I need the contribution of warm hues in my photographs, perhaps to return the warmth of sunlight to them, to give them closeness, life...
Taking photographs, for me, is a vital, creative exercise which allows me to live more fully and consciously. As the French writer, Albert Camús so wisely expressed : «Créer, c'est vivre deux fois» (“to create is to live twice”).

Group shows (selection)

2021"PAPER" Valentine Editions, London, United Kingdom. A Newspaper of Paper. 40 pages of photographic works from 35 international artists. Curated by Emily Cappa + Christine Serchia. May, 2021.
2021 "Love In All Forms” Analogue Forever Magazine. Online group exhibition curated by Rashod Taylor. USA.
2020 Grandmama's Print. Contemporary Photography Magazine."Magical Realism" Online exhibition. Saint Petersburg, Russia.
2020 5th Flow Masterprint Challenge "Change". One of five selected winners curated by Rachel Barker’s (Stanleybarkerbooks) . FlowPhotographic, London.
2020 Joel Meyerowitz’s Flow Masterprint Challenge “The Corner”. One of seven selected winners chosen by Joel Meyerowitz. FlowPhotographic, London.
2020 "The Better Days" Online Exhibition curated by Aline Smithson. Lenscratch Fine Photography Daily. USA.
2020 "Tropes Gone Wild" group show # 64. Online exhibition. Humble Arts Foundation. USA.
Curated by Jon Feinstein and Roula Seikaly.
2020 FloatingSources. Independent Photo Curation. A short series curated by Ina Ciumakova. (Instagram)
2019 Instantly Vulgar Contest (winner). Vulgaris Magazine, Otawa, Canada.
2018 "Numerology" group show # 59. Online exhibition. Humble Arts Foundation. USA
2018 "New Psychedelics" group show # 57. Online exhibition. Humble Arts Foundation. USA
2017 "PhotoCat" Collective exhibition. Schilt Publishing & Gallery. Amsterdam. The Netherlands.
2016 "Digital & Horses" Participative project. Les Rencontres de la Photographie_Arles (France)
2013 "Un punt de vista" Collection Gelonch-Viladegut. Andorra la Vella.
2009 "Emergent" International Photography Festival in Lleida.
2008 "Correspondències" Espai cavallers. Lleida.
2007 International Award "Exlibris". Collective exhibition. Lleida.
2005 "Sense llar” Photo project about people without home in the city of Lleida.
2005 Collective exhibition. Ismes Gallery. Vilanova i La Geltrú (Barcelona).
2001 International biennial of drawing"Josep Amat" artwork selected. Sant Feliu de Guixols (Girona).
2000 Painting Award "Ciutat de Castelló" Artwork selected.Castelló de la Plana.
2000 "Photomarket" Fotodelux Photo Gallery. Lleida.
1999 "Supermerc'art" Indecor Art Gallery. Lleida.
1999 "Sense sostre” Photo project about homeless people in the city of Lleida.
1995 "Index" Collective exhibition. Lleida.
1991 Drawing Award "Antonio del Rincón" Artwork selected.
1990 X Drawing Biennial Ciudad de Zamora. Artwork acquired.
1990 Painting Award "Bicentennial Sta.Cruz del Valle" (Ávila). Artwork finalist.
1990 "Segona Entrega" Artwork selected. Lleida.
1990 "I Salón de otoño". A Coruña.
1990 Mostra d'Art de la Generalitat de Catalunya. Artwork selected. Lleida.

Solo shows

2017 "Quadern de camp" Solo exhibition/Intervention. Petit Galeria. Lleida.
2002 "Recent work" Indecor Art Gallery. Lleida
1995 "1993/1995 Photos" Image Club. Lleida
1987 "Paintings" Hall of the City Council of Balaguer (Lleida)


"Art del segle XX a Lleida” Dictionary of painters, sculptors, engravers and cartoonists. Editorial Pagès, 2003.
"Fons pictòric de la Diputació de Lleida” General catalogue about the artistic background of the institution.


"HÉLIOGRAPHIE MAGAZINE" nº4. Co-curateurs: René d'Amour Hitimana et Louise Lorthe. Région de Nantes, France.
Revue nantaise qui diffuse la pratique photographique contemporaine nantaise, nationale et internationale. Juillet, 2021
"PAPER" Valentine Editions, London, United Kingdom. A Newspaper of Paper. 40 pages of photographic works from 35 international artists. Curated by Emily Cappa + Christine Serchia
. May, 2021.
"Z-ONE" Print & online contemporary photography magazine / visual research and curatorial platform. Issue 01.
Curatorial Concept by Ali Besikçi. April 2020, Istanbul.
"OWEST" first self-managed publication by the OWESTPHOTO collective. Lleida, November 2018.
"ALLCITIESAREBEAUTIFUL" Urban contemporary photography website. Germany. 2017. Curated by Alexandre Kurek.
"PHOTOCAT" Book and collective exhibition. Schilt Publishing & Gallery. Amsterdam. The Netherlands. November 2017.
"DIGITAL& HORSES" Catalog of the participative project. Les Rencontres de la Photographie. Arles (France).
"Centre ciutat" Magazine "Lectura" Diari Segre. Secció La Mirada. Lleida, 2016.
"Fotografi Bannati" magazine # 10. Antoni Benavente Barbero, Street-Photography. Ricardo Enrique text. Italy, 2016.
"Arts Magazine" #29. Cercle de Belles Arts. Lleida, 2008.
"Lleida" Magazine "Lectura" Diari Segre. Lleida, 2008.
"Arts Magazine" #16. Cercle de Belles Arts. Lleida, 2001.

Photography Workshops

2013 JOSÉ MANUEL NAVIA "Fotografía de autor"
2007 SANDRA BALCELLS “International photojournalism"
2006 MANEL ESCLUSA "Photo project about the town of La Seu d'Urgell"
2005 CHRISTINE SPENGLER "Pain and Beauty"

Artistic Training

1998-2000. Higher Level Training Cycle in Visual Arts and Design. EMBA. Lleida.

Represented by Petit galeria (Lleida)